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Optometrist Eye Exam in Canberra

At Junic Eye Care, we offer a complete range of eye tests and visual health services to the residents of Canberra and surrounding suburbs. Our professional team is led by Juliet Menakaya, a highly qualified Canberra optometrist and orthoptist.

Our eye care practice also proudly includes a low-vision clinic. Juliet has a particular interest in offering solutions for patients who have visual challenges that can’t be fully addressed through conventional eye treatments. When you visit our Canberra eye clinic, we can provide consultation on how to manage the daily barriers that you or a loved one with low vision may be experiencing.

And it doesn’t stop there. We know that your choice of eyewear is a big decision. Your investment needs to take into consideration visual aesthetics and functional pragmatism. That’s why we can help you select exactly the right pair of glasses from our wide range of premium brands.

We also stock contact lenses. At Junic Eye Care, we can help you make the right choice between hard or soft lenses, extended-wear or one-day use.

Eye Test in Canberra

Eye health should be a big concern for everyone. If you live in the ACT, getting a regular eye test with a Canberra optometrist is important for detecting problems before it is too late. Here are some of the services and eye examinations that we can perform for our patients:

  • Checkup Plus™: Beyond Ordinary Eye Examinations – We conduct an in-depth analysis of your eye health with our trademarked checkup procedures. You’ll receive comprehensive suggestions for preventing or remedying visual disorders.
  • Diabetic Exam: Safeguarding Your Eyesight – Diabetes is a serious health condition that can jeopardise your eyesight. Our examinations are conducted to look for early signs of diabetic retinopathy and protect against harm to your vision.
  • Macular Degeneration: Advanced Care for Ageing Eyes – The passage of time can lead to deteriorating central vision in the elderly. Our equipment includes Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), to assess your eye health in detail and suggest eye care plans to deal with macular degeneration.
  • Children’s Vision: Nurturing Young Eyes – Early intervention is important for protecting children’s eyesight. Our paediatric examination procedures are designed to make sure that vision-related learning difficulties are identified early on, setting up the path for your kids to achieve their full potential.
  • Glaucoma Exam: Early Detection is Key – Glaucoma is a sight-threatening condition that can be identified early with proper glaucoma examinations. At our clinic, we conduct pressure measurements and visual field testing to flag early signs of this impairment.
  • Dry Eye Treatment: Alleviate Discomfort – We have products that can be effective in addressing the symptoms of dry eyes. There are a range of eye drops and other remedies that we’ll be happy to discuss with you.
  • OCT: State-of-the-Art Imaging for Precise Diagnoses – Our clinic uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) equipment. This is modern technology that plays a crucial role in non-invasive, high-resolution visualisation of the internal structures of the eye. Optical Coherence Tomography allows us to perform accurate diagnostics and recommend effective treatment.
  • Binocular Vision: Comfortable Visual Experiences – A binocular vision test allows us to uncover numerous issues with your eyes that might go unnoticed during a standard screening.
  • Colour Vision Testing: Unveiling Colour Perception – Colour Vision Deficiency (a.k.a. colour blindness) is more common than you might think. Some degree of color vision deficiency affects approximately 8% of men and 0.5% of women.
  • Emergency Eye Care: Prompt Attention – When an emergency situation such as an eye injury occurs, you need to react and have it treated promptly. Cuts, scratches, burns, chemical exposure, or blunt impact all require serious attention. We can deliver high-priority care for emergency eye damage during opening hours.
  • Keratoconus Exam: Condition Management – Keratoconus is a serious eye condition in which the cornea progressively becomes thinner and bulges forward in a cone shape. This causes blurred vision and discomfort from light and glare. At our clinic, we can diagnose this condition and provide you with options to manage it.
Juliet Menakaya, Canberra Optometrist, O.D MPH

Making the Right Investment in Your Eyes

Picking out new glasses is hard, and choice overload is real. That’s why our optical dispensers are trained to listen to your preferences and help you choose the right pair of frames. We can also give you advice on contact lenses if you would like to choose that option.

  • Prescription Sunglasses: Stylish Eye Protection – The Australian climate can be harsh for our eyes. Strong sunlight over time can lead to gradual damage to people’s vision. At Junic Eye Care, we can prescribe and fit sunglasses that offer you the protection you need and the style you’ll be confident wearing.
  • Prescription Spectacles: Combining Looks and Quality – We prioritise quality and craftsmanship in our stock. Whether you are looking for high-index lenses, progressive lenses, or polarised lenses, we’ve got you covered.
  • Optical Repairs: Expert Care for Your Eyewear – We want your eyewear to remain comfortable and fully functional for as long as possible. Junic Eye Care is always available to offer adjustment and repair services for your prescription frames and sunglasses.
  • Contact Lenses: Precision and Comfort – At Junic Eye Care, we can prescribe a range of contact lens types depending on your needs and preferences. We can help you with toric lenses, bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses, astigmatic lenses, and coloured lenses.

Introducing the Junic Low Vision Clinic: Empowering Independence

Living with diminished vision can be difficult. Our low vision clinic at Junic Eye Care is here to help you find solutions. We offer an experience that might revolutionise daily living if you or someone you love struggles with low eyesight. Our aim is to restore independence for those struggling with irreversible visual impairment.

If conventional glasses, contact lenses, surgery, or other procedures have not produced the necessary visual gains, we’ll find ways to increase your freedom by making the most of your remaining eyesight.

Do you enjoy reading? Love cooking? Do you find it important to make daily use of electronic devices? Our clinic can consult on low vision devices to help you regain control over daily activities and participate in life to the fullest extent.

We have a range of low vision management strategies.

  • Personalised Evaluation: We recognise that each person’s battle with low vision is unique. So our initial step is to fully understand your needs, challenges, and goals. Let’s start with a personalised plan.
  • Customised Vision Assessment: We’ll evaluate your remaining visual capabilities. We use a Macular Microperimeter to assess the integrity of the macula and check the condition of the retina.
  • Eccentric Viewing Training: If you are experiencing central vision loss, an “eccentric viewing” training program can assist you in making the most of your peripheral vision. We’ll introduce you to strategies that make maximum use of intact areas of your visual field.
  • Low Vision Devices: We can introduce you to a selection of low vision devices, from handheld magnifiers to electronic aids. We’ll help you choose what’s best to meet your needs.
  • Environmental Modifications: Modifying your daily surroundings, ensuring optimal lighting, and other strategies can all make a significant improvement to your daily activities. We can talk about what changes at home and around the house will help you the most.
  • Partnership with HumanWare: As a Canberra optometrist, we are also distributors for HumanWare, which designs and manufactures highly intuitive solutions for people living with vision loss or visual impairment. From electronic magnifiers to talking GPS to braille devices, HumanWare solutions help all users live independently and participate successfully in today’s world. Available in more than 25 languages, HumanWare is a global leader in the vision assistance industry.
  • Experienced Guidance: Juliet and our team of skilled Canberra optometrists bring their expertise to guide you through every step of your low vision journey. We’re here to answer all your questions!

Why Choose Junic Eye Care?

  • Personalised Approach: We recognise that every patient is unique. We take the time to understand how healthy vision plays a role in your life and consult on a range of options to ensure maximum care for your eyes.
  • Convenient Location: Only 10 kilometres from the heart of Canberra, we are located in the Molonglo Health Hub, just off John Gorton Drive. Plenty of parking is available.
  • Professional Team: Our team of highly qualified Canberra optometrists is committed to delivering the highest standard of health care.
  • Industry-leading Technology: We employ advanced tools and technology to offer precise diagnoses and optimal treatment plans.
  • Professional Collaboration: We work in collaboration with other medical professionals, including Canberra eye doctors and ophthalmology surgeons.
  • Extensive Eyewear Range: We have a large variety of stylish brands to suit your individuality and protect your eyes, including Furla, Calvin Klein, NikeVision, and many more.
  • Contact Lens Choices: We’ve also got one-day contact lenses and coloured lenses from a range of suppliers. We can make reordering easy so that you never run out.
  • Product Quality Guarantees: All eye products that you purchase from our Canberra optometrist practice are backed by manufacturer warranties.
  • Best Optometrist in Canberra for Low Vision Treatment: Junic Eye Care has a dedicated Low Vision Clinic with experienced professionals who can help deal with vision problems that are often untreatable through lenses or surgery. We are also one of the few Canberra distributers for HumanWare visual assistance technology.

How to Make a Booking

At Junic Eye Care, Juliet Menakaya and her team prioritise your vision health. We provide a range of eye care services for the whole family, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent. We’re passionate about maximising the potential of all our patients to enjoy their lives through the gift of sight.

We also understand that choosing your eyewear is an important statement about your individuality. That’s why we provide a range of high quality glasses and reputable contact lens brands.

Healthy eyes are too important to ignore. So book your appointment today and come visit our Canberra optometrist clinic.

Click the “Book Online” button at the top of the page or call (02) 6152 8585 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to see one of your optometrists?

For a regular appointment, you will need to make an appointment to see one of our Optometrists. However, if you have an ocular emergency, we will always fit you in on the day. We also take bookings online.

How long should I allow for the appointment?

You should allow 45 minutes for each initial consultation and 20–30 minutes for any review consultations.

What should I bring to my appointment?

If you have been referred by your GP or any other practitioner, you should bring your referral letter, along with your spectacles and prescription sunglasses. Many medications can affect your eyes, so it’s important that you also bring a list of them.

Do you offer optometrist bulk billing?

Yes. For initial appointments, the consultation is bulk billed, but there is a fee for the OCT Scans. Review appointments are bulk billed as well.

We also accept all major health funds, including AHM, Australian Unity, Bupa, CUA, Defence Health, GMHBA, HBF, HCF, Medibank, NIB and Teachers Health.

Is your Canberra optometrist practice near me?

We are located in the Canberra suburb of Coombs, which is just a 15 minute drive from Parliament House, central Canberra. Check where we are on Google Maps.

Author: Juliet Menakaya, O.D MPH

CANBERRA OPTOMETRIST Juliet obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Benin, Nigeria in 2006. She completed an internship programme before migrating to Australia, where she completed a master’s degree in public health at the University of Sydney in 2014. Following this, Juliet obtained a Master of Orthoptics from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2017. Juliet has completed her competency in optometry examination with OCANZ (Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand), and obtained her ophthalmic prescribing rights from ACO (Australian College Of Optometry Victoria). Juliet has worked in various positions, including retail Optometry, the Ophthalmology Department at Canberra Hospital, and more recently, at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (ANU). As a dedicated Canberra optometrist, Juliet is passionate about helping people with low vision, and binocular vision anomalies hence her interests in Low Vision Rehabilitation, Eccentric Viewing Training and Paediatric optometry.